The No. 1 fire protection event in Nuremberg

Spotlight on passive, active and organisational fire protection solutions

FeuerTrutz 2022: Spotlight on fire protection

The leading trade fair for preventive fire protection

From 29 - 30 June 2022, the fire protection community will once again gather at FeuerTrutz in Nuremberg.

Every year, the long-established trade fair and parallel fire protection congress become the key gathering place for experts from the fire protection sector.
The dynamic, high-calibre professional event brings together the technical expertise from all important segments of preventive fire protection, making FeuerTrutz a truly unique experience!

Look forward to the unmissable event for the fire protection community and get your tickets now for FeuerTrutz 2022 in Nuremberg!

Tickets for the trade fair and the congress

Your ticket for FeuerTrutz only gives you access to the trade fair (including the participation in the digital matchmaking).
If you wish to attend the Fire Protection Congress organised by FeuerTrutz Network, you will need a separate ticket.

Trade fair ticket Congress ticket

Please note that tickets are only available online in advance!
The trade fair will take place in Halls 4 and 4A, while the congress will be held in the adjacent NCC Ost Congress Centre.
FeuerTrutz 2022: Trade fair highlights

Trade fair highlights

This year too, FeuerTrutz will offer a diverse, high-quality supporting programme focusing on innovations and trends in the fire protection sector. The trade fair will also put face-to-face discussions about innovative solutions and fire prevention and fire containment products at the heart of the action.

An additional feature of FeuerTrutz 2022 is the digital matchmaking tool that provides all participants with their personal ‘best matches’ as suitable contact suggestions based on mutual interests and topics. This allows participants to network with one another ahead of the event itself and arrange meetings for the on-site gathering.
More information about this tool is provided below in the programme overview.

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FeuerTrutz 2022: Congress

Fire Protection Congress highlights

The theme of this year’s parallel Fire Protection Congress hosted by the FeuerTrutz Network will be: „Between standards and individual cases: concepts and evaluation for fire protection in existing buildings“.

At the congress, around 40 high-calibre presentations will explore topical issues relating to preventive fire protection. For example, renowned industry experts explain the important changes recently made to German building legislation or how to handle fire protection in existing building stock. Look forward to interesting professional discussions!

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What sets FeuerTrutz apart?

As the only trade fair with congress, FeuerTrutz covers passive, active and organisational fire protection solutions. Thanks to its distinct focus on preventive fire protection, the bundling of all relevant topics in this area, and exciting live events on site, FeuerTrutz is the industry’s preferred platform for knowledge-sharing and live experiences.

Every year, fire protection designers and certified experts, architects and building engineers, and representatives of official agencies and fire protection services come together at FeuerTrutz to network with one another and learn about the latest fire protection solutions.
FeuerTrutz 2022: Programme

Supporting programme focuses on fire protection trends and new inspiration

Through its wide-ranging programme, FeuerTrutz provides a comprehensive overview of the latest products and innovations in passive, active and organisational fire protection. It’s where you’ll find all the innovations from the sector in one place and get the opportunity to discuss these with key industry players.

Special features like the exciting indoor and outdoor demonstrations in the Fire Protection EXPERIENCE, direct contact to training and professional development providers at the Training & Career Meeting Point, as well as personal networking and industry insights in the Exhibitor Forums and the Fire Protection Congress are what make this event so unique.

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All participating exhibitors with direct contact details and product descriptions are in the FeuerTrutz Exhibitor and Product List on the FeuerTrutz Network website.

Exhibitor and Product List

Looking forward to 2022

Photos and videos of the last FeuerTrutz

Visitor feedback 2021

In this video you will learn what our visitors like about FeuerTrutz and why they will definitely be back again this year again!

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Closing video 2021

Our closing video of FeuerTrutz 2021 shows you what the event looks like on site and what you can experience and discover.

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