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International Trade Fair with Congress for Preventive Fire Protection

26 - 27 June 2024 // Nuremberg, Germany

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Media partners of  FeuerTrutz

Trade journals and online portals are important disseminators in the fire protection industry. In these, our media partners report about the latest market developments and general trends in the industry.


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BS provides architects, specialist planners, tradespeople, and property managers the consolidated practical knowledge they need on all topics relating to preventive fire protection.



GIT SICHERHEIT ( –  das größte Fachmedium für Sicherheit. Die Wiley-Fachzeitschrift GIT SICHERHEIT und das Online-Portal informieren alle an sicherheitsrelevanten Entscheidungen Beteiligte.


Sicherheit & Brandschutz

„Sicherheit & Brandschutz“ is published twice a year. It has a circulation of 31.000 pieces each. It is about the newest safety-related features and concepts and about the challenges of fire protection and the latest regulations.
Logo SICHERHEIT. Das Fachmagazin.

SICHERHEIT. Das Fachmagazin.
Wertvolles, praxisnahes Wissen zu den Themen:
• Unternehmenssicherheit
• Notfall- und Krisenmanagement
• Sicherheitsvorkehrungen
• Security Awareness
• Sicherheitstechnik
• IT-Sicherheit
Kostenfrei. Im E-Paper-Format.


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As a leading specialist medium in the building services segment, tab covers the entire range of building services – from the concept to the operational building – and also provides insight into supposedly fringe areas.
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