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International Trade Fair with Congress for Preventive Fire Protection

29 - 30 June 2022 // Nuremberg, Germany

The exhibition's media partners

Media partners of  FeuerTrutz

Trade journals and online portals are important disseminators in the fire protection industry. In these, our media partners report about the latest market developments and general trends in the industry.


bba bau beratung architektur

Practical product and system information to support architects and construction engineers in providing expert advice to clients/investors and specialist planners and tradesmen. bba takes a solution-focused approach to design, building products, building physics and aesthetics and is an essential guide for planners.



CRISIS PREVENTION (CP) ist das behördliche Fachmagazin für Gefahrenabwehr, Innere Sicherheit und Katastrophenhilfe. Brandschutz ist ein fester Bestandteil des redaktionellen Konzeptes. Weitere Informationen unter


Logo Deutsches Ingenieurblatt + Ingenierbau

Deutsches Ingenieurblatt reports about innovations in all areas of engineers, decision makers for products and systems in planning and project management. The magazine appears 10 times a year.
The bauplaner is an integral part of the magazine and appears in every issue a thematic focus, such as digitalization, fire protection, Green Building, TBE.


Logo Ernst & Sohn

The publisher Ernst & Sohn, part of the respected publishing group John Wiley & Sons, is one of the leading specialist publishers for structural engineers in German speaking countries. Go to our website to find our literature on fire protection:



GIT SICHERHEIT ( –  das größte Fachmedium für Sicherheit. Die Wiley-Fachzeitschrift GIT SICHERHEIT und das Online-Portal informieren alle an sicherheitsrelevanten Entscheidungen Beteiligte.


Sicherheit & Brandschutz

„Sicherheit & Brandschutz“ is published twice a year. It has a circulation of 31.000 pieces each. It is about the newest safety-related features and concepts and about the challenges of fire protection and the latest regulations.

Das Online-Portal inklusive seiner Fachzeitschrift PROTECTOR informieren über aktuelle Entwicklungen unter anderem aus den Bereichen Sicherheitstechnik, Videoüberwachung, Zutrittskontrolle, IT-Sicherheit und Wirtschaftsschutz.


Logo TGA Fachplaner

TGA Fachplaner provides practical and solution-oriented information about the planning of technical building equipment, including fire protection. Our editorial office runs a TGA planning office itself and therefore writes with its own experience: from planners to planners.
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