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International Trade Fair with Congress for Preventive Fire Protection

26 - 27 June 2024 // Nuremberg, Germany

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Setting the future course for the “hot spot” of fire protection: new time and hall arrangement at FeuerTrutz 2020

By changing the date and the hall arrangement, the organizers of FeuerTrutz 2020 are clearing the way to allow the leading trade fair for passive, active and organizational fire protection to develop further. Starting in 2020, the fire protection industry will meet in June each year in the state-of-the-art halls 4 and 4A for the trade fair component, and in the immediately adjacent Nuremberg Convention Centre (NCC) Ost for the Fire Protection Congress and the events on the supporting programme. This will ensure that the necessary capacity is available to continue rigorously refining FeuerTrutz in subsequent years as a dedicated subject-area event for all aspects of preventive fire protection. Before then, however, the next FeuerTRUTZ will take place on 20 and 21 February 2019 at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg.

Since it was launched at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg in 2011, FeuerTrutz has grown to become the leading event in the field of preventive fire protection. In view of its continued growth, however, to the latest total of 287* participating enterprises, the organizers can no longer satisfy all the booking requirements of the various exhibitors. Looking toward the next event on 20 and 21 February 2019, Stefan Dittrich, Executive Director FeuerTrutz at NürnbergMesse, comments: “The number of exhibitors registered for FeuerTrutz 2019 is already higher than last year’s figure. While this represents a seamless continuation of the previous pattern of growth, it means we are reaching the capacity limits of our current hall arrangement. To take our success story and that of the wider fire protection industry into the future, the new halls 4 and 4A and the change of date from 2020 onward offer the best opportunities.” The existing hall arrangement also limits opportunities to take the Congress programme further, given the total of some 1,300 delegates last time, and space limitations will make it harder to expand the supporting programme with Compact Seminars and other events.

New date and change of halls offer potential for further development

FeuerTrutz will therefore switch to a new hall arrangement at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg for the first time on 24-25 June 2020. Changing to a summer schedule will ease the congestion, moving FeuerTrutz away from a timing that coincides with many other key exhibitions relating to the construction industry, as well as making a clean break from the spring school holidays in Bavaria and the Carnival season. The future presence of FeuerTrutz in halls 4 and 4A will also offer new prospects for expanding the supporting programme and additional supporting events. The direct link between the fire protection Congress and the trade fair will continue. Unlike the present situation, however, it will have scope for future growth. “The FeuerTrutz Congress for Preventive Fire Protection already enjoys huge popularity,” says Günter Ruhe, who is responsible for organizing the Congress as CEO FeuerTrutz Network. “From 2020, the move will give us new opportunities to rigorously refine it and additional subject-area events for the trade fair in close consultation with prominent fire protection experts, or develop new subject areas such as BIM (Building Information Modelling), accessibility and security systems in the Smart City.” As an independent guest event, IEX – Insulation Expo Europe, previously based in Cologne, will also be held in parallel with FeuerTrutz at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg each year from 2020.

Benefits for exhibitors

“In dialogue with long-standing exhibitors, prominent businesses and partners, we will further expand the position of FeuerTrutz as a leading information platform for fire protection experts,” comment Dittrich and Ruhe in unison. “That means FeuerTrutz can continue to benefit from its one hundred percent focus on preventive fire protection.” Both heads of FeuerTrutz can look forward to support from the fire protection industry in the process. Says Lothar Dombrowski, Managing Director of svt Brandschutz, one of the leading suppliers in the area of passive fire protection: “svt has been an exhibitor since FeuerTrutz was launched in Nuremberg in 2011. Having a strategy that is a perfect fit means FeuerTrutz keeps its finger on the pulse of the industry, and it therefore swiftly became a go-to event. The prominence of FeuerTrutz among trade visitors and manufacturers will ensure quick acceptance of the new June date.” Gerhard Kastl, Head of Portfolio Fire Safety at Siemens, adds: “Together with the sector as a whole, NürnbergMesse and FeuerTrutz Network have grown the trade fair and Congress to an impressive size in the past few years. We are looking forward to its further development and continued success.”

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